Nassau County District Attorney's Office Bureaus

General Litigation Division

The General Litigation Division is responsible for the prosecution of criminal cases in the various courts of Nassau County. It is comprised of five bureaus, each of which a Bureau Chief oversees. The Executive Assistant District Attorney for General Litigation heads the Division and reports to the Chief Assistant District Attorney.

County Court Trial Bureau

Phone: 516-571-3799

The County Court Trial Bureau prosecutes felony cases (i.e., crimes designated by law for which a court may impose a sentence in excess of one year.). 

Examples of felonies handled by this bureau include burglary, robbery, grand larceny, identity theft, forgery, assault, and weapons possession.


District Court Trial Bureau

Phone: 516-572-2000

The District Court Trial Bureau prosecutes all misdemeanor cases (i.e., crimes designated by law to be punishable by imprisonment not to exceed one year) and non-criminal offenses (i.e., violations and traffic infractions) in Nassau County District Court, Glen Cove City Court and Long Beach City Court. The Bureau staff also is responsible for the Arraignment Part, which is open seven days a week, 365 days a year, to ensure that a judge promptly arraigns individuals arrested for all crimes, including felonies.

Early Case Assessment Bureau (ECAB)

Phone: 516-573-7051

The Early Case Assessment Bureau's primary responsibility is to assess and analyze charges at the arrest-stage of a criminal prosecution. The Bureau coordinates with the County's many police agencies to ensure that in every arrest, the District Attorney files a legally sufficient charge and contacts witnesses and victims at the earliest possible time. Additionally, the Bureau is responsible for staffing a 24-hour desk that allows for around-the-clock communication between the District Attorney's staff and members of Nassau County's law enforcement community.

Felony Screening

Phone: 516-571-2588

The Felony Screening Bureau evaluates felony arrests made by the various county law enforcement agencies to determine whether the District Attorney can and should prosecute a case as a felony in the courts of Nassau County.

Grand Jury

Phone: 516-571-3550

The Grand Jury Bureau presents felony cases to the Nassau County Grand Jury for indictment. It is further responsible for handling all fugitive and extradition proceedings.

Specialized Courts

While not a per se bureau, the District Attorney staffs and participates in a number of specialized court programs in order to bring about custom-track prosecutions that focus more so on the type and degree of the offender, rather than the type and degree of offense. The Specialized Courts in Nassau County include Veterans Court, Mental Health Court, Human Trafficking Court, Adolescent Diversion Part, Youth Court, Judicial Diversion Part, and the DWI Parts.

Major Case Division

The Major Case Division is responsible for the prosecution of the most severe crimes committed in Nassau County. It is comprised of four bureaus, each of which a Bureau Chief oversees. The Executive Assistant District Attorney for Major Cases heads the Division and reports to the Chief Assistant District Attorney.

Major Offense Bureau

The Major Offense Bureau investigates and prosecutes homicides and other serious violent felonies committed within Nassau County.

Special Victims Bureau

Phone: 516-571-1267

The Special Victims Bureau prosecutes all cases involving sexual assault, domestic violence, abuse of vulnerable persons and child abuse. The Bureau contains two specialized units: The Human Trafficking Unit and the Elder Abuse Unit.

Vehicular Crimes Bureau

Phone: 516-571-4939

The Vehicular Crimes Bureau prosecutes drunk, drugged, and reckless driving, vehicular assaults, and vehicular homicides.

Special Operations, Narcotics & Gangs Bureau

Phone: 516-571-3707

The Special Operations, Narcotics and Gangs Bureau handles the investigation and prosecution of all major narcotics distribution rings, weapons trafficking, and gang operations in Nassau County.

Investigations Division

The Investigations Division investigates complex criminal activity in Nassau County and prosecutes the resultant cases. It is comprised of six bureaus and two independent units, each of which a Bureau or Unit Chief oversees. The Executive Assistant District Attorney for Investigations heads the Division and reports to the Chief Assistant District Attorney.

Public Corruption Bureau

Phone: 516-571-2100

The Public Corruption Bureau uncovers and prosecutes corruption in Nassau County. The Bureau handles cases involving police misconduct, political corruption, school, and special district fraud, crimes committed at the jail, as well as crimes committed by employees of public entities who abuse their positions.

financial Crimes Bureau

Phone: 516-571-2149

The Bureau investigates and prosecutes complex, sophisticated and substantial financial crimes including identity theft, loan fraud, credit card fraud, check fraud, bank fraud, financial internet fraud, extortion, unlicensed practice of professions, unemployment fraud, tax fraud, trademark counterfeiting, and the creation and use of fraudulent identification and other forged documents. The Bureau includes and contains two specialized units: The Public Assistance Fraud Unit focuses on frauds perpetrated by recipients of various government assistance programs, including Medicaid, welfare, food stamps, and childcare; The Environmental Crimes Unit focuses on crimes involving air, land and water contamination resulting from illegal dumping, storage, and transportation of hazardous or toxic chemicals or materials, as well as other crimes which damage the ecosystem of the County.

Rackets & Enterprise Crime Bureau

Phone: 516-571-2553

The Rackets and Enterprise Bureau investigates and prosecutes systematic criminal activity committed by organized crime and criminal enterprises. The Bureau's cases include enterprise corruption, extortion, coercion, gambling, money laundering, bribery, and violations of the New York prevailing wage law. Additionally, the Bureau contains two specialized units: the Labor Unit and the Money Laundering and Cyber Crime Unit.

Civil Forfeiture Bureau

Phone: 516-571-3403

The Civil Forfeiture Bureau secures the forfeiture of vehicles and other personal property used as an instrumentality of a crime. It is also the Civil Forfeiture Bureau's responsibility to prepare and submit requests for Federal asset forfeiture sharing and to ensure the deposit and dispersal of forfeited proceeds and the liquidation of other items forfeited through its efforts. The Bureau is additionally responsible for effecting the eviction of tenants using the rental property to operate an illegal business.

Criminal Complaint Unit

Phone: 516-571-3505

The Criminal Complaint Unit serves as an “open door” to the District Attorney's office. The Unit is available to assist the public in filing criminal complaints, both written and in person. This Unit will provide an initial assessment of the complaint for possible criminality and, if appropriate, forward the matter for a follow-up to one of the investigative bureaus within the Office. If a case is not appropriate for the Office, the Criminal Complaint Unit will refer the complainant to the appropriate agency or office.

Animal Crimes Unit

The Animal Crimes Unit investigates and prosecutes criminal offenses perpetrated against animals, including dogfighting, cockfighting, severe torture, criminal neglect, hoarding, illegal possession of wildlife, and competitive animal abuse.

Investigations Bureau

The Investigations Bureau is responsible for the field and forensic operations of the Investigation Division. It is staffed by Detective Investigators, Financial Investigators, and other technical specialists.

Conviction Integrity Division

The District Attorney’s Office devotes significant resources to ensure it legally and properly obtains criminal convictions. To that end, the Office maintains an elite Appeals Bureau and a Conviction Integrity Unit, which collectively report to the Executive Assistant District Attorney for Conviction Integrity, who reports to the Chief Assistant District Attorney.

Appeals Bureau

Phone: 516-571-3660

The Appeals Bureau primarily handles the appeals afforded to defendants adjudicated guilty of crimes prosecuted by the Office. This litigation can take place at every level of the State and Federal court system and oftentimes occurs many years after the conviction and sentencing of a defendant. This Bureau also serves an important role in advising Assistant District Attorneys on legal issues throughout the investigative and trial stages of a case. The Bureau also houses the office's Mental Health Unit.

Conviction Integrity Unit

Phone: 516-571-3573 

The Conviction Integrity Unit reviews and thoroughly investigates post-conviction claims of innocence. The Unit also keeps apprised of developments in forensic science, which could affect the use, import, or interpretation of evidence in past cases.